Hi, I’m Dr. Maria DeCosse, D.C. I graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA in March of 2017 and opened up Bee Well Chiropractic a year later in one of my favorite places, Nevada City. Having done my prerequisites at Sierra College and falling in love with the community and the Yuba River, I knew that this was the place I wanted to grow roots and my practice. 

Beginning my journey as a doula has allowed me to truly understand what it means to support moms through their pregnancy and birth journeys. It’s also what fuels my passion for continued education, to continually ensure that I’m the best support I can be for you as you embark on your journey towards parenthood.

Through chiropractic school, I served as the secretary for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) Club and got certified in the Webster Technique (specialized pregnancy chiropractic). The entire focus of Bee Well is supporting the mamas and babies through the joys and challenges of pregnancy, birth and early childhood–and I wouldn’t want it any other way! It is truly the most rewarding career I could imagine.

Outside of the incredible work I get to do, I enjoy spending time at home with my husband Brion and Siamese cat, Cinnamon. I love to go down to the Yuba River, find new hiking trails, escape to nearby hot springs, train at chiropractic seminars and work in our garden. My husband Brion is an incredible baker and sells his delicious gluten free and vegan cookies locally (seriously, try them–they are amazing!!)

  • Author of “Fly’s Notes” - A Comprehensive Clinic Exam Study guide 2017
  • Secretary of the ICPA/Pediatrics club 2014-17
  • Facilitator of the Adjusting Ninjas (now Kairos Training Culture) 2014-16
  • Facilitator of Foundation Training Club 2014-2015

professional accomplishments

  • Costa Rica - April/May 2015
  • Pneuma Chiropractic, Malinalco MX, June 2016 & Dec 2018
  • San Quentin State Prison - August 2016

chiropractic service trips



Life Chiropractic College West, Hayward, CA 

BACHELOR OF ARTS, December 2006
University of Hawaii, Hilo, HI
Major: Communications. Minor: Philosophy


My Education and Experience

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When you come to Bee Well you will feel instantly at home. We have a no shoes policy, so everyone takes shoes off at the door. The kiddos usually know right where to go - to the cubbies in the corner where the toys are! They have lots of fun and sometimes don’t want to leave because they love it so much. We have tea and water available. We never want to rush you and encourage you to hang out before and after to breastfeed, let your kiddos play a little longer, drink some water or tea, foam roll or stretch some tight muscles, or get some movement into your body post adjustment before sitting in the car and rushing back to your day. Dr. Maria has an office in the back that she does her exams and adjustments in, but will sometimes adjust some of the kiddos on the elephant chiropractic table in the front or while they are playing. During your visit you will learn a LOT about your (or your baby/child’s) body, what is happening with it and how Chiropractic can help. And, of course, you will meet the most amazing people and maybe even make some new friends here! 

What to Expect at Bee Well

Come see what all the buzz is about!

Bees symbolize our ability to be productive, work together in community, and they know when to work and when to rest. They pollinate our food supply providing us nourishment. They make the impossible possible because they are able to fly even though it defies the laws of physics. 

Their existence on this planet is to be of service and to work together. It is my mission to build a strong community built on connecting you to your best expression of health. At Bee Well Chiropractic I want you to leave the office buzzing and full of life!

So… What’s the buzz about bees?

She is truly one of a kind Doctor. My experience with her has been nothing but amazing. I have been adjusted by many different chiropractors, and her knowledge and adjusting skills are top notch. She is gentle, but delivers very powerful adjustments, which makes you feel an immediate difference in your mind and body. I highly recommend anybody in the area to get under care with her, you will not regret it! – Cristina A.

"Dr. Maria has such a big and beautiful heart, which radiates in her practice and her adjusting skills."

She saw me during my pregnancy and now sees my newborn and is a baby whisperer! She is so gentle and soft spoken. I could not recommend Dr. Maria more! If you're expecting, have a little one, or just needing help to feel better, come see Maria, you will thank yourself! – Megan P.

"Dr. Maria is a baby whisperer!"

Her adjustments, exercise videos and suggestions really helped me get unstuck, not only in my spine, but in my life. It’s amazing how holistically connected everything is, and I’m grateful to have a chiropractor on my team that understands this so deeply. Thanks Dr. Maria! She also has an amazing booking system for easily scheduling a session whenever I need one, right from my phone. Nice office with a space to stretch and roll out my back. - Blair B. 

"It’s amazing how holistically connected everything is, and I’m grateful to have a chiropractor on my team that understands this so deeply." 

Since then she has guided me through sports injuries, work stress and the aches and pains from overdoing it in everyday life. Dr. Maria is a healer, an educator and a vital part of my overall health and well being. – Gina W.

"A huge factor for feeling so great during my pregnancy is consistent visits to Dr. Maria."

I felt so safe in her capable hands. She did a thorough assessment and found structural issues I had been guessing at and now was finally being addressed! She worked into my belly for digestive issues and worked my psoas as well. Her soft tissue work is highly effective and soothing. Her adjustments were modified for my comfort level and need. I feel completely opened up and aligned! An amazing Chiropractic experience! – Karolyn K.

"I was so relaxed as soon as I walked into her soothing office."

She helped keep me balanced throughout my pregnancy and now with my newborn, she's been working wonders with my baby's tight latch, jaw, and shoulders. My little girl literally becomes unwound before my eyes in our sessions. It's quite miraculous to witness. – Lauren J.

"Dr. Maria is a dream to work with!"

She has given me my life back not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I don't know what I would do without her as she makes me feel renewed and back to center through every visit I've had. – Kristina E.

"Dr. Maria has been such a joy to work with!"

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