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Infant and pediatric chiropractic care encourages proper nervous system function, allowing your child to meet their developmental milestones and build the strongest foundation of health for life— physically, chemically and emotionally

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Dr. Maria loves to see babies as early as minutes after birth. Birth is a wild ride for a baby even in a normal vaginal birth without interventions! It is even more stressful in a birth with lots of intervention and/or a c-section. My goal is to help set the tone for your baby to have the best possible foundation for life. Dr. Maria will check their spine, cranium and intraoral tissues to help unwind any stress or trauma. The nerves from the lower spine can help with better digestion and often adjustments release the flow in constipated babies (even during the adjustment!). The nerves from the upper spine go to all of the nerves in the head and neck as well as into our visceral organs, so getting that adjusted (with the pressure of checking the ripeness of a tomato) helps baby to latch better, sleep better, poop better, be less colicky/cranky, relax more, and overall supports them to be a happy and healthy baby!

We will talk a LOT about how to support you and baby to have successful breastfeeding and learn a ton about it. Dr. Maria will also check the cranium and inside the mouth for tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip tie) as well as anything contributing to tension/restriction in the mouth that might be making breastfeeding more challenging. She will refer you to a Pediatric Dentist for a revision if needed. She also works closely with a Craniosacral Therapist and many other local professionals to co-care for better outcomes. 

"Dr. Maria is a dream to work with! She helped keep me balanced throughout my pregnancy and now with my newborn, she's been working wonders with my baby's tight latch, jaw, and shoulders. My little girl literally becomes unwound before my eyes in our sessions. It's quite miraculous to witness."

– lauren j.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Maria!

Chiropractic is amazing for those with neurodivergence such as ADD, autism and sensory processing issues. Let’s work together to help turn these quirks into superpowers! Gentle adjustments help to calm their nervous system which allows them to properly perceive, adapt, function and behave even amidst an environment full of stimuli. Chiropractic care can help them focus better in school, have better digestion and emotional regulation, gain better social skills and thrive more! Is your child’s nervous system stuck in fight-or-flight, increased sympathetic tone? Do they seem wound-up? Do they have big challenges with learning, behavior, socialization or development? Do you need a quiet and private space when your child comes in? How about a video for them to watch before they come in to increase prediction and decrease anxiety? We are happy to accommodate. Give us a call and let’s talk about it. 

Support with Neurodivergence

Let’s help strengthen your kiddos immune system!! One of Dr. Maria’s favorite things to tell parents is about how Chiropractic helps ear infections. Did you know that when you are born your eustachian tube is flat and horizontal? This is why it is so common for kids to have ear infections. As we grow, that tube becomes vertical and opens up more. It is NOT a bacterial infection! It is a drainage issue. Antibiotics just deplete the gut flora and fauna which can decrease their ability to digest as well as decrease immune function. Getting them adjusted will ensure that the nerve that goes to the inner ear is functioning properly so that the eustachian tube can drain. Kids who get adjusted have much stronger immune systems and have less asthma, allergies, bed wetting and constipation/diarrhea. 

Immune System Strengthening

Children encounter countless falls and bumps as their body adapts and learns new skills such as rolling, crawling and walking. Stress in kiddos looks different than in adults. It looks like difficulty with emotional regulation, learning, socialization or development. Like adults, these stresses stack up, and children become locked in survival mode, leading to symptoms, sickness, and disease. Dr. Maria’s mission is to ensure children are fully capable of expressing their potential. Through pediatric chiropractic care, she detects blockages that might be limiting their full expression and she gently corrects them, often before symptoms ever show up. Your child is meant to shine, and it is a privilege to help them do that! 

Bumps, Falls, & Stress

parents bring in their babies and children for pediatric chiropractic for a multitude of reasons including:

When it comes to kiddos, optimal health and wellness is more than the absence of disease or symptoms. 

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This session is for us to get to know each other, to do an initial exam and to give you (or your child) your first adjustment  (unless we need imaging or other referrals first). 

So, where do we begin? With a first visit!

She is truly one of a kind Doctor. My experience with her has been nothing but amazing. I have been adjusted by many different chiropractors, and her knowledge and adjusting skills are top notch. She is gentle, but delivers very powerful adjustments, which makes you feel an immediate difference in your mind and body. I highly recommend anybody in the area to get under care with her, you will not regret it! – Cristina A.

"Dr. Maria has such a big and beautiful heart, which radiates in her practice and her adjusting skills."

She saw me during my pregnancy and now sees my newborn and is a baby whisperer! She is so gentle and soft spoken. I could not recommend Dr. Maria more! If you're expecting, have a little one, or just needing help to feel better, come see Maria, you will thank yourself! – Megan P.

"Dr. Maria is a baby whisperer!"

Her adjustments, exercise videos and suggestions really helped me get unstuck, not only in my spine, but in my life. It’s amazing how holistically connected everything is, and I’m grateful to have a chiropractor on my team that understands this so deeply. Thanks Dr. Maria! She also has an amazing booking system for easily scheduling a session whenever I need one, right from my phone. Nice office with a space to stretch and roll out my back. - Blair B. 

"It’s amazing how holistically connected everything is, and I’m grateful to have a chiropractor on my team that understands this so deeply." 

Since then she has guided me through sports injuries, work stress and the aches and pains from overdoing it in everyday life. Dr. Maria is a healer, an educator and a vital part of my overall health and well being. – Gina W.

"A huge factor for feeling so great during my pregnancy is consistent visits to Dr. Maria."

I felt so safe in her capable hands. She did a thorough assessment and found structural issues I had been guessing at and now was finally being addressed! She worked into my belly for digestive issues and worked my psoas as well. Her soft tissue work is highly effective and soothing. Her adjustments were modified for my comfort level and need. I feel completely opened up and aligned! An amazing Chiropractic experience! – Karolyn K.

"I was so relaxed as soon as I walked into her soothing office."

She helped keep me balanced throughout my pregnancy and now with my newborn, she's been working wonders with my baby's tight latch, jaw, and shoulders. My little girl literally becomes unwound before my eyes in our sessions. It's quite miraculous to witness. – Lauren J.

"Dr. Maria is a dream to work with!"

She has given me my life back not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I don't know what I would do without her as she makes me feel renewed and back to center through every visit I've had. – Kristina E.

"Dr. Maria has been such a joy to work with!"

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