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I am here to support you and your womb/body through this wild ride we are on and help to create a plan that is right for you and your specific situation. I love to be on your team from conscious preconception/optimal fertility, supporting menstrual cycle regulation, comfortable pregnancies, empowering births and to help you unwind postpartum. Wombyn come in for all of these reasons and more!

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Hi mamas!

''Dr. Maria saw me during my pregnancy and now sees my newborn and she is a baby whisperer! She is so gentle and soft spoken. I could not recommend Dr. Maria more! If you're expecting, have a little one, or just needing help to feel better, come to Bee Well, you will thank yourself!''

– Megan P.

You made it to the other side!! What a ride that was for you and baby. I am so excited for you, and I am excited to help you and baby unwind the stress of birth - which is definitely part of the process! Welcome to the Fourth Trimester, where it is time to heal and also learn to breastfeed and care for a newborn. It’s a LOT happening all at once. There are many things that can happen during birth that need support and huge physical, emotional and hormonal changes happening for mama post birth. Let Dr. Maria help you be at your best so you can be the best for your new baby.

Postpartum Chiropractic Care

Dr. Maria loves to work with Pregnant women/wombyn. She was a doula before she became a chiropractor and has always had so much awe and respect for the incredible process of pregnancy and birth! Pregnancy is an absolute miracle and is also a huge transformation. Prenatal chiropractic helps your body move through this transformation with as much ease as possible. Chiropractic care creates the optimal environment in your body for a healthy, comfortable pregnancy - making sure that your body is hooked up to its incredible intelligence within to coordinate the huge and incredible task of creating new life. When your nervous system is strong, your baby’s nervous system is strong.  

Prenatal chiropractic adjustments help you have a balanced nervous system and structure, which is vital to baby’s development and helps Mama have a more comfortable pregnancy. “When the mother’s pelvis is out of alignment, the ligaments that connect from the pelvis to the uterus increase their tension (tone) resulting in a distortion to the uterine space.” – Pathways to Family Wellness. This can lead to breech! Although Chiropractic Care does not “fix breech,” when we balance the pelvis we create more space for the baby to move around which often results in better positioning. Research reveals that women who receive regular prenatal chiropractic care carry and deliver with more comfort and have faster births.

Comfortable Pregnancies & Empowering Births

Have you had some issues with your cycle? Maybe PMS symptoms such as cramps and heavy flow, skin issues or irregular timing? PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts or infertility? Let’s talk about how to support your body to find more ease in your monthly cycle - at Bee Well Chiropractic we call it your “monthly health report card!” 

We also know that having health and a clear and connected nervous system is imperative to our body being in a state where it wants to make a baby. If we are stressed or not getting nourished in certain ways, our body will not think it is the right time to get pregnant! Hormone release and regulation are controlled by the nervous system. When stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol, which inhibits the release of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Oftentimes, anxiety, menstrual irregularities, cramping, stress, low energy, and tension in the neck and shoulders are directly related with this constant stress. Additionally, stress on a man’s nervous system will create more cortisol to be released. This “fight or flight” state changes his ability to conceive. Getting under regular care and teaming up with Dr. Maria to help your body get back to a state of optimal function, regulation and ease often leads to happy and healthy pregnancies.

Supporting Menstrual Cycle Regulation

Are you wanting to get in the best shape possible before trying to conceive? We can talk about diet, exercise, lifestyle and health, and get your nervous system to a state of balance and coordination that creates the optimal environment for conception. Ideally we have both Mama and Papa involved in this process for the best possible outcomes. 

Conscious Preconception & Optimal Fertility

Wombyn come in for all of these reasons and more:

Let's work together to help you prepare for pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond!

You may be wondering if it’s important to bring in your husband/partner in this process? The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Not only do we love to support the entire family at Bee Well, but it is also extremely important to provide your significant other with care throughout your pregnancy journey. Partners provide vital support mentally and physically throughout this journey and benefit from nervous system care just as much as you do. Partners often take on an additional mental load (planning, organizing, emotionally preparing for baby) and physical load (preparing the home, taking on additional work, physically supporting you during the third trimester, birth, and 4th trimester) and deserve to have chiropractic care that supports this and their wellbeing. Often as couples are beginning their pregnancy planning journey, both mama and papa will start chiropractic care to help support them, their fertility and their bodies. Book an appointment for your partner today!  

What about chiropractic for papas and partners?

POWER: The nervous system (Power) operates in all body processes, including childbirth. For birth to proceed as it was naturally designed to, the nervous system must facilitate the transmission of information through the body. By removing interferences and imbalances to the nervous system, chiropractic care helps lead to a normal, physiological birth.

PASSAGE: For the baby to descend through the birth canal (Passage), the balance of the mother’s pelvis is vitally important. With chiropractic care, the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis and uterus can move and function for the benefit of the mother and the baby. The result is greater ease and comfort in pregnancy and birth.

PASSENGER: The baby (Passenger) wants to get into the best possible position to descend through the birth canal. The movements inherent to the birthing baby will be positively facilitated when the mother’s nervous system is optimally functioning and her pelvis balanced. Birth is a cooperative endeavor, where the mom and the baby play vitally connected roles.

power – passage – passenger

Williams Obstetrics tells us there are three components for a smoother birth for both mother and baby

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This session is for us to get to know each other, to do an initial exam and to give you (or your child) your first adjustment  (unless we need imaging or other referrals first). 

So, where do we begin? With a first visit!

She is truly one of a kind Doctor. My experience with her has been nothing but amazing. I have been adjusted by many different chiropractors, and her knowledge and adjusting skills are top notch. She is gentle, but delivers very powerful adjustments, which makes you feel an immediate difference in your mind and body. I highly recommend anybody in the area to get under care with her, you will not regret it! – Cristina A.

"Dr. Maria has such a big and beautiful heart, which radiates in her practice and her adjusting skills."

She saw me during my pregnancy and now sees my newborn and is a baby whisperer! She is so gentle and soft spoken. I could not recommend Dr. Maria more! If you're expecting, have a little one, or just needing help to feel better, come see Maria, you will thank yourself! – Megan P.

"Dr. Maria is a baby whisperer!"

Her adjustments, exercise videos and suggestions really helped me get unstuck, not only in my spine, but in my life. It’s amazing how holistically connected everything is, and I’m grateful to have a chiropractor on my team that understands this so deeply. Thanks Dr. Maria! She also has an amazing booking system for easily scheduling a session whenever I need one, right from my phone. Nice office with a space to stretch and roll out my back. - Blair B. 

"It’s amazing how holistically connected everything is, and I’m grateful to have a chiropractor on my team that understands this so deeply." 

Since then she has guided me through sports injuries, work stress and the aches and pains from overdoing it in everyday life. Dr. Maria is a healer, an educator and a vital part of my overall health and well being. – Gina W.

"A huge factor for feeling so great during my pregnancy is consistent visits to Dr. Maria."

I felt so safe in her capable hands. She did a thorough assessment and found structural issues I had been guessing at and now was finally being addressed! She worked into my belly for digestive issues and worked my psoas as well. Her soft tissue work is highly effective and soothing. Her adjustments were modified for my comfort level and need. I feel completely opened up and aligned! An amazing Chiropractic experience! – Karolyn K.

"I was so relaxed as soon as I walked into her soothing office."

She helped keep me balanced throughout my pregnancy and now with my newborn, she's been working wonders with my baby's tight latch, jaw, and shoulders. My little girl literally becomes unwound before my eyes in our sessions. It's quite miraculous to witness. – Lauren J.

"Dr. Maria is a dream to work with!"

She has given me my life back not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I don't know what I would do without her as she makes me feel renewed and back to center through every visit I've had. – Kristina E.

"Dr. Maria has been such a joy to work with!"

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book your appt. today!

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